Teach Services


Teaching Services:

Acknowledging that the demand for welding instructors extends beyond our organization, we have taken proactive measures. In response, we now provide teaching services to train our graduates and place them in schools or programs where they can take on leadership roles, contribute to teaching, and shape welding programs. This initiative aims to address the widespread need for qualified welding educators in various educational settings.

Curriculum Enhancement:

Collaborating on welding curriculum improvements aligned with industry standards.

Instructional Design:

Advising on effective teaching strategies and tech integration for optimal welding education.

Professional Development:

Providing tailored training for welding instructors to stay updated on industry trends.

Assessment and Evaluation:

Developing welding-specific assessment methods for measuring student learning.

Student Engagement:

Guiding interactive learning experiences in welding education for enhanced understanding.

Technology Integration:

Advising on tech use to improve welding instruction delivery.

Special Education Support:

Offering strategies for supporting students with special needs in welding education.

Inclusive Teaching:

Advising on inclusive practices for diverse learners in welding education.

Data Analysis:

Assisting in analyzing welding education data for informed decision-making.

Strategic Planning:

Collaborating on long-term strategies for improvement in welding education.

Regulatory Compliance:

Ensuring adherence to welding industry regulations and standards.