Equitable Employment Program


As our Organization has grown, unfortunately, we have seen 5-of-12 Guild Graduates we placed since Fall 2019 have either left the industry, changed jobs or are currently at risk of changing careers due to issues of sexism, racism, or discrimination. As graduates successfully complete our welding program we work with eligible Graduates on a case-by-case basis to place them into positions and incubate aspiring entrepreneurs so they can kick start their careers.

The Equitable Employment Program comes in and helps mitigate the challenges women face entering the industry while also providing them the skills to thrive, self advocate, maintain long-term employment, and make an impact for future women entering the industry.

We realize we can’t do this alone so we developed our Equitable Employment Advisors group to ensure our training session are current and relevant in regards to our soft and hard skills training throughout our Job Readiness Program. Our Community recognized advisors are working professionals in the Manufacturing industry, employment agencies, and human and civil rights organizations.

Eligible Equitable Welders:

  • All Students enrolled in Level 1: Intro to MIG 
  • LWG Job Seekers
  • LWG Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Note: Level 2 students are also subject to additional training or coaching sessions based on poor behavior or attendance

Eligible Guild Graduates:

  • Good attendance & participation during class
  • Successful completion of course(s) and certification test
  • Job placement focus

Job-Readiness Program: This training program (runs quarterly and year-round) provides Graduates with preparation for employment, problem solving skills, critical thinking and the confidence to self advocate with the support of the advisory board. Graduates will get additional hands-on training to prepare them for welding interviews, weld tests and confidently apply for a position with an Employer identified by our Equitable Advisors.

This program will also include: 

  • Resume & Cover Letter Workshops
  • Mock Interviews & Role Playing
  • Networking


James Cook
Production Supervisor

Megan Day
Child Care Answers

Alexis Gonzalez
Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs

India Green
Child Care Answers

Consuelo Lockhart
Latinas Welding Guild | Founder & Executive Director

Marcos Martinez

Brian Stewart
Edge Industrial Staffing

Dwayne Thompson
Community Advocate

Jordan Teske-Harrison
Indiana Commission for Women

Mike Murphy