Fabrication Portfolio



Indianapolis, IN | March 2017

Name: Branded Artwork

Objective: Decorative Branded Art for front lobby.

Materials: Metal, Wood, Powder Coat

Dimensions: 29’x9’x1”

Description: Local Artist Ash Robinson and Consuelo Lockhart were approached by Fitzmark about doing a corporate branded piece for their entry way. Ash’s experience as a woodworker and position at the Eiteljorg helped with the fine woodworking and installation of her design for this large scale piece. Consuelo’s previous welding and fabrication experience supported the construction of this original piece while adding in a custom end table to match the entry way.



Indianapolis, IN | March 2017

Name: Student Seating

Collaboration: iMoca, W/Purpose, Warren Central

Objective: Outdoor seating for students

Materials: Metal, Wood

Dimensions: 8’x8’x36”

Description:Consuelo Lockhart was contracted by W/Purpose to fabricate this collaborative design for Warren Central High School.



Indianapolis, IN | December 2017

Name: Student Seating

Collaboration: Bohall Design

Objective: Outdoor Seating for Students

Materials: Metal, Wood

Dimensions: 6’x12’x7 ½’

Description: This set out outdoor tables was designed by Consuelo Poland and Fabricated and Installed by Loran Bohall with Bohall Design and Fabrication for a Keeping Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) project with School 91.

Photo Credit: Bohall Design and Fabrication




Indianapolis, IN | March 2019

Name: Entry Archway

Objective: Direct and welcome guests to the front door.

Materials: Metal

Dimensions: 9’x6’x12’

In 2018, the Latina’s Welding Guild was approached by Tlaolli; an east side Mexican restaurant, and Englewood CDC; Community Development Corporation to fabricate a custom entrance for Tlaolli funded by LISC INDY; Local Initiatives Support Corporation.

Through our Apprentice Program we were able to provide a stipend for a hands on experience for our two Guild Graduates Carolina Figueroa and Diana Muñoz to shadow Consuelo Poland throughout the Fabrication Process.

Photo Credit: Chapital Photography



Indianpolis, IN | April 2020

Name: Custom Logo Iron Brand

Objective: To have a brand to mark barrels

Materials: Metal, Wood

Dimensions: 16”x16”x16”

Description: We were approached by Hotel Tango to create some brands for their staff to be able to brand their barrels for distribution but utilize them for events.


Indianapolis, IN | July 2020

Name: Custom Arbors and Bike Rack

Objective: To provide seating and a bike rack for the neighborhood.

Materials: Metal, Powder Coating

Dimensions: 7’6″x12’x10′

Description: We were approached by iMoca and holy cross neighborhood association to create some custom seating and a bike rack for the esplanade. We partnered with two 8th grade classes at Paramount School of Excellence to provide them with some design focused workshops, prototyping workshops, and create some functional pieces that were meeting the clients needs.

Photo Credit: Campos Design Photography



Indianapolis, IN | June 2020

Name: Bike Racks

Objective: To provide bike racks for the guests and visiting neighbors

Materials: Corten Sheet steel, Corten solid rod

Dimensions: 48”x 96”x ⅜”

Description: These 24 corten steel bike racks are placed around the Kan-Kan building exterior to encourage and welcome bike-riding guests while providing security for their property.



Indianapolis, IN | June 2020

Name: Custom residential AC security cages

Objective: To help secure AC units for a family home.

Materials: Steel plates, Steel square tubing, exterior paint.

Dimensions: 34″ x 30″ x 30″

Description: Two custom residential air conditioner security cases to protect property from potential theft.



Indianapolis, IN | July 2020

Name: Custom multi-functional rolling table

Objective: To provide storage, allow for group gatherings, leafs provide additional workspace and mobility provides usage during events.

Materials: Steel square tube, plasma cut triangles, weldable hinges, expanded metal, veneered plywood, casters, clear coat and wipe on poly.

Dimensions: 72″x24″x26″

Description: Two custom residential air conditioner security cases to protect property from potential theft.



Indianapolis, IN | July 2020

Name: Mobile Horse Trailer Bar

Objective: To repair and make alterations to a small horse trailer that will be converted and used as a mobile bar.

Materials: Steel sheet, hardware, lumber, wipe on poly

Dimensions: N/A


Indianapolis, IN | July 2020

Name: Custom Window Security

Objective: To create welcoming window security which will secure the building but not deter the community from coming to visit.

Materials: Steel square tubing, paint, hardware

Dimensions: N/A

Description: This custom window security was inspired by a blend of different textiles, Pacific Island imagery, African image, and other vibrant patterns. These were created to help secure the building but also welcome in the community who wanted to visit the space.




Indianapolis, IN | July 2021

Name: Custom benches

Objective: To create benches for visitors to utilize.

Materials: Steel Sheets, paint,

Dimensions: 24″x36″x15″

Description: These custom benches were created to give visitors and art goers a place to sit and look out at the beautiful property Garfield Park Arts Center has to offer.