Consuelo Poland Lockhart



Founder & Executive Director
o: (317) 601 – 0177
c: (317) 501 – 3588


Fluent Languages Spoken: English & Hablo un poco de español

What are your favorite traits about yourself?

I’m insightful, creative, ambitious, eager, and outgoing… some would say fearless!

When it comes to working with the community; what work do you feel the most passionate about doing?

I am deeply passionate about leveraging creative thinking and problem-solving to bring about positive change in my community. While acknowledging the lingering impact of the trauma from my adoption, I feel grateful for the opportunities to access spaces and secure a seat at tables that I believe very few Latinas have reached. My commitment extends beyond personal success – I aspire to uplift other women and community members, including adoptees who may not have found a space that feels truly theirs. Despite the challenges, I hope to inspire fellow adoptees not to be discouraged but to actively create spaces for others like them to be a part of, fostering a supportive community for all.

How do you think LWG will help you reach your professional goals?

In establishing the Latinas Welding Guild, our vision extends to serving entire families, from grandchildren to grandparents. Recognizing a substantial demand for welders in the industry, our initiative goes beyond addressing this need. We are also committed to supporting refugees, immigrant communities, reentry populations, and opportunity youth. As a result, our team is expanding rapidly, with members who are passionately eager to make a meaningful impact. By equipping individuals with valuable welding skills, we aim to contribute to job creation, economic rebuilding, and the development of supportive ecosystems that benefit diverse communities for generations to come. My dream of starting a school in Guatemala will finally come to light!

Whats a strange food combination you love? Or what’s a unique talent that you have?

I’m obsessed with Skyline Chili… I also love ketchup on my eggs

What would you tell someone who’s struggling with feeling the confidence to invest in themselves?

Learn from Setbacks – Understand that setbacks are a natural part of any journey. Instead of seeing them as failures, view them as opportunities to learn and grow. Use setbacks to refine your approach and move forward. You are inherently valuable, and it’s crucial not to let unsupportive voices sway you. Remember, negativity often seeks companionship, so don’t allow others to influence your spirit. You deserve happiness, and prioritizing your well-being is an essential part of recognizing your worth.

Personal Quote:

Bad company ruins good character