Jessica Rodriguez Hernandez



Deputy Director
o: (317) 601 – 0177
c: (317) 964 – 3406


Fluent Languages Spoken: English & Spanish

What are your favorite traits about yourself?

I am resilient! I keep a smile on my face because I see the positives in every situation.

When it comes to working with the community; what work do you feel the most passionate about doing?

When it comes to community, I am incredibly passionate about empowerment and opportunity. I believe when we empower people and give them opportunities for a better life- they will take it and they will do incredible things.

How do you think LWG will help you reach your professional goals?

The thing that drew me to LWG was 1. Consuelo and her big visions 2. being surrounded by likeminded people. This team is a POWERHOUSE! Watch out Indianapolis and beyond, THIS TEAM WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!

Whats a strange food combination you love? Or what’s a unique talent that you have?

I can hear a song once and remember all the lyrics. I can barely remember what day it is BUT I can remember “We didn’t start the fire” by Billy Joel word for word.

What would you tell someone who’s struggling with feeling the confidence to invest in themselves?

You are worthy!

Personal Quote:

I would tell my younger self “You are worthy. Everything is going to be okay, kiddo.”