Jomar Molina



Instructor-in-training & Fabrication Apprentice
o: (317) 601 – 0177
c: (317) 964 – 3315


Fluent Languages Spoken: English & Spanish

What are your favorite traits about yourself?

Some of my personal favorite traits are, I am determined, curious, patient, energetic and most importantly encouraging.

When it comes to working with the community; what work do you feel the most passionate about doing?

Coming from a young generation of people I would love to see more of the younger community get to know welding a bit more better. By showing them projects and places I’ve been and people I’ve met I think a lot of those younger people will see how much more opportunities there are then to just be a welder.

How do you think LWG will help you reach your professional goals?

Latinas Welding Guild has helped me a lot in the past year but the guild doesn’t just help the community out but also their staff, to help improve their skills in whatever they may need help on. Something specific that drew me in was that not only am I a young welder in their eyes but they see so much potential in me that I don’t think I saw in myself which drives me to become a better person.

Whats a strange food combination you love? Or what’s a unique talent that you have?

Popcorn and M&M’s are super underrated!

What would you tell someone who’s struggling with feeling the confidence to invest in themselves?

I am a caring person to people’s feeling if someone was struggling to feel confident In welding then I would tell them about my experience starting out as a welder. No one comes a perfect welder, all welders have good and bad days but if you know you want to be the best welder then you will drive yourself to keep making that perfect weld and happiness and confidence will come with that.

Personal Quote:

Something I would say to my younger self is “why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out”